Xanthis Online is an Internet-based psychological tool for prevention, awareness and early treatment of common emotional problems. Understanding how to manage your emotions affects all areas of your health and life.

Xanthis Online

An Internet based delivery system gives us the power to reach many different user groups and to be continually accessible an individuals in need.

Xanthis Online can be integrated into different models of use from organisational stress management, to healthcare and prevention programmes. It is also available for individuals.

Organisations can easily integrate Xanthis Online to support their occupational health practices, HR functionalities, or use it as a sole emotional skills training tool. It can support individual staff members and their capacity to deal with emotional problems.

In all circumstances, the Xanthis Online:

  • can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • is completely confidential.
  • A bespoke, flexible platform, that can be set up in many different ways:
    • tailored log ins
    • add own logos or organisation branding
    • fully integrated system – questionnaires and skills link up
    • links to organisation’s own sources of help / different parts of organisation
    • to provide user reports and feedback for analysis
  • The flexible reporting system allows organisations to monitor:
    • Module use and questionnaire scores, and time of use (this is currently done by department, individual log ins)
    • Can be adapted to record anything wanted

Organisations can integrate a computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy tool such as Xanthis Online for the following purposes:

  • Emotional skills training for staff
  • HR tool
  • Stress management policies and procedures
  • Support tool
  • Linked to Occupational Health / EAP (employer system programmes)
  • Healthcare / EAP
  • Prevention programmes
  • Social programmes
  • Biopsychosocial treatment models
  • As an adjunct to other treatments

Preventing / treating mental health problems at an early stage is cheaper than leaving them unchecked. Emotional problems are behind 90% of all physical health issues, and are themselves the largest reason for absenteeism in the west. An online system allows people to seek help for mental health problems confidentially. It also offers the opportunity to reach a vast number of people.

If you a health care practitioner, organisation, individual, or company interested in reselling Xanthis Online, please contact us.