Xanthis combines over 30 years of experience in mental health with expertise in and passion for technology. Our innovative online tool – Xanthis Online - helps individuals prevent and proactively manage life’s problems. Thought leaders in our field, we use our unique blend of skills in consultancy, services and research.

Xanthis Online makes individuals aware of many different psychological problems. Users take questionnaires, explore different therapy and treatment options and learn practical skills, providing vital understanding and empowerment to deal with problems.

Xanthis conducts consultancy around the development and implementation of emotional skills programmes both face to face and online. We can develop one for you integrating the use of web based tools. We offer some standard services including stress management training, complex case management and licensing of clinical content.

Xanthis works with University College London, CHIME to conduct academic research in this new and growing field.

Mental Health

Four key elements – physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive – all work together to create good health. If any one element comes under strain, a person's health will suffer.

People are often scared to admit they are suffering from stress or an emotional problem, despite growing numbers of people being affected by them. The social stigma society attaches to mental health problems is a further deterrence for people seeking help.

Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) is an extremely effective way to overcome this. The combination of a popular mental health treatment method – CBT – and the internet allows people to access vital information to help detect and prevent mental health problems in complete privacy. Xanthis Online is a unique preventative cCBT package, preventing and providing early management for a number of common problems.