Xanthis are thought leaders in mental health, preventative cCBT, health informatics and stress management. Our substantial body of knowledge and expertise means we understand the problems, we know the products and we know what to do with them.


Xanthis can provide consultancy in a number of areas:

Using online tools, cCBT and preventative cCBT

Consultancy around the use of these sorts of tools. How they can be integrated into different models of use within:

  • organisations
  • different models of healthcare (occupational, general practice)
  • educational environments
  • prevention / public health campaigns
  • physical health services

Development of bespoke emotional skills programmes integrating face-to-face and web based tools

Implementation and launch of online cCBT tools

How to develop and build a preventative cCBT or emotional skills tool

Stress Management

Xanthis can help organisations to understand the HSE stress management standards

  • Stress audits
  • Stress policies
  • Develop and deliver stress management training for employees
  • Integrate web based tools into this work

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