Xanthis works with University College London, CHIME to conduct academic research in this new and growing field. We are working to add to global knowledge about the use, success, implementation and commercialisation of online psychological tools.


Amy Mckeown is an Honorary Research Assistant at University College, London CHIME. Here she conducts research into the development, implementation and commercialisation of computer based psychological tools.

Dr Henry Potts MSc PhD CStat is a lecturer at CHIME. He is involved in several projects on the socio-technical aspects of health technology systems. He and Amy work together on research about computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) and its use in prevention.   

Henry works with Xanthis to research and publish in the areas of mental health, cCBT and preventative cCBT.

1st International E-Mental Health Summit 2009

This inaugural eMental health conference was held in Amsterdam in October 2009. This international conference comprised academics and researchers working in all areas of technology and mental health. It was the first and largest gathering in this field. Amy presented twice at the conference.

In our first presentation we described our real world case studies of Xanthis Online. This was our work done within organisations, watching how actual users use preventative cCBT in an occupational setting. This was the only example of a real world implementation and occupational use at the conference.  

McKeown A, Potts H (2009) Real world case studies of a preventative cCBT package being used to support employees within large UK organisations


We also presented the results of our research into use of preventative cCBT worldwide. We had recently carried out a systematic literature review which showed that although preventative cCBT is early in development, there is a large potential for it.

McKeown A, Potts H (2009) Realist literature review of cCBT for prevention and early intervention in anxiety and depression


Poster and slide pack from the conference


Medicine 2.0 Conference 2009, Toronto

Medicine 2.0 is an annual international conference on Web 2.0 applications in health and medicine. It was held in Toronto in September 2009 and comprised academics and industry players in all areas of health informatics.

Amy's presentation consisted of an overview of published literature around the use of preventative cCBT and real world case studies of Xanthis Online.  

Watch a video of the full presentation (15 minutes)

Read our presentation abstract

Visit the conference website and see our paper 

Prize winning MSc dissertation

Amy was awarded the 'Dr Foster' prize for her MSc Health Informatics dissertation. This was a large piece of work around the use of preventative cCBT worldwide, comprising a literature review, an analysis of real world use, interviews and case studies. A full paper of the literature review has been submitted to the British Journal of Psychiatry. 

UCL Podcast with Amy describing her dissertation results

In addition to publication of a full academic paper this work has also been written up and published in a number of other industry journals:

Current Work

We are continuing to develop and implement Xanthis Online, including investigating different models of use. We are also looking at a number of new research areas around preventative cCBT including:

  • real world use (different models of use)
  • feasibility studies, interviewing different potential users
  • developing sustainable implementation models
  • RCT on preventative cCBT effect on clinical symptoms
  • proper preventative study – prevalence rates.

If you are interested in joining forces for academic work then please do contact us.