Xanthis has over 30 years of experience in mental health and clinical well-being. This is combined with expertise in and passion for technology.

Client Case Studies

Xanthis has conducted detailed research on how different organisations use Xanthis Online. The evidence collected in three major case studies, at the University of Cardiff, Oxford University, and Dyfed Police force, has shown that:

  • Xanthis Online is used differently in every organisation.
  • The type of content accessed in Xanthis Online varies depending on the organisation
  • Xanthis Online links up different support services
  • Xanthis Online is used in 4 ways
    • Anonymously by employees
    • As a first step to contacting the Occupational Health or support services
    • As an alternative to coming into Occupational Health
    • As an adjunct to treatment for a physical or mental illness

Xanthis Online can be used to integrate and link up other employee support services.

Below is a detailed summary of three key case studies, highlighting how different organisations have incorporated Xanthis Online with their models of staff support. Some organisations have used Xanthis Online as part of an Occupational Health model, whilst others have built it in as part of their stress management plan and policy. Click here <link to the product section> to find out how Xanthis Online can be specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of your organisation.

University of Cardiff
Occupational health
5,500 staff
Launched 2005

Globally, the University of Cardiff is the longest case study of this type of product in an occupational setting. 4 years on and Xanthis Online is still actively and consistently used within the organisation and has been seen to help those in need.

Dyfed Powys Police Force
Occupational Health
2,000 staff, across a wide geography
Launched in 2007

Xanthis Online was launched at Dyfed Powys Police Force in September 2007 as part of a ‘Healthy Minds at Work’ Program, a European Social Fund initiative. It gets regular and consistent use throughout the week and at weekends. Since its launch, alongside a number of other initiatives, a positive culture change regarding mental health has been identified throughout the force. Absenteeism has been reduced and scores have improved in the annual stress audit.

‘Xanthis has given me confidence in what I am doing’

‘Suicidal individual, currently being supported, accessed Xanthis as a first step to reach direct help.’

Oxford University
Human Resources
9,000 staff
Launched in 2008
Preventative tool

Xanthis Online was launched at Oxford University in October 2008 as part of an update to formalised stress policies and procedures. A heavily promoted launch was championed by the Pro-Vice Chancellor. We are seeing regular and consistent use of the online site including weekend use. All parts of Xanthis Online have been accessed at all times of the day.