Xanthis Online is an Internet-based psychological tool for prevention, awareness and early treatment of common emotional problems. Understanding how to manage your emotions affects all areas of your health and life.

Product Overview

Xanthis Online is available to individuals on the web – for access contact us

Xanthis believes all aspects of health – physical, cognitive, cognitive, and emotional – are interlinked. Many physical illnesses actually stem from an underlying emotional core. As individuals, we are not properly taught how to identify emotional problems, let alone how to deal with them.

Xanthis Online is an innovative web based tool helping individuals to gain awareness of, and learn how to self-treat, common emotional conditions. For many, Xanthis Online is a first step to developing an understanding of, and consequently taking responsibility for, psychological well-being. Users can:

  • Read about and understand common life problems; early knowledge assists prevention / early management
  • Take standard clinical questionnaires and see where you fit on the scale; empowerment brings self understanding
  • Explore different therapies to increase understanding of what may work for you
  • Explore different life skills and find ones that work for you; start getting the most from your life.

Built using a proven therapeutic structure (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), the content has been written by a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Steve McKeown. Not only can the user be confident of the clinical foundation offered by Xanthis Online, it offers a place to explore different mental health problems and treatments. Users can quickly understand problems and feel empowered to overcome them through a process of self-guided treatment. It is completely confidential and accessible 24/7.

Xanthis Online contains content and skills on a number of different health problems including change, stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, burnout and uncertainty. We are continually adding new modules to expand to our content.


Xanthis Online is available to individuals on the web – for access contact us